Face Snood – Grey


Washable, Protective Face Snood

  • Snoods are reusable
  • Recommended fabric life is 45 consecutive single washes
  • Equivalent of 19.5p per use
  • One size fits all
  • Designed for Unisex wearing
  • Bespoke GB manufacturers
  • Dye sub Face Snood with white cord ties
  • Fabric – microfiber
  • Material – OEKO-TEX Standard 100
  • Suitable for washing at 60 degrees
  • Machine wash immediately at the end of use as a SINGLE ITEM only with no other accompanying items of washing
  • Please DO NOT tumble dry

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Bespoke Designed – reusable clothed ASN Snoods have been specifically designed by the collaboration by our international designer and the manufacturer. This has led to the following benefits and advantages for general public cloth barrier use.

  • ASN Face Snoods offer preventative hygiene against viruses and bacteria.
  • ASN Face Masks are ‘snug’ fitted with the face mask having white tying straps. Our research found that elasticated straps caused a lot irritation with continual use as well losing its elastic nature
  • ASN Masks and Snoods are made from high quality Oeko – Tex certified 100% polyester
  • Oeko – Tex certification is about how the fabric is processed including things like dyes and finishes
  • Oeko-Tex fabrics are certified FREE of harmful chemicals and are SAFE for human use

Washing Instructions
– Wash immediately after use
– Wash must be set at 60 centigrade as bacteria and viruses are killed at this temperature
– Please DO NOT tumble dry
– ASN Face Masks have a recommended life span of 45 consecutive washes
– Please do not handwash the fabric material – it is not designed for this
– Remove and wash immediately you get home in a separate wash
– Please do not share with others