We are a group of people of disparate backgrounds who have got together and pooled our skills and resources in order to make an impact on reducing  the spread of coronavirus specifically for the  working public.To this end we have researched, developed, designed and finally manufactured ASN Masks – Actively Supporting NHS Charities.

We are based in the Cotswolds, Merseyside, Cheshire and London.


Fiona McIntyre
EggBox Web Design
Red Rag Marketing
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Myra Ferreira
Whitnalls Chartered Accountants
Whitnalls Chartered Accountants Liverpool – Appointed Auditors of NHS Donations given by ASN Masks.


We supply high quality, reusable, clothed barrier face masks and snoods, at an affordable price to all workers.

We all realised that non-surgical face masks was going to be crucial for the working public to wear, for example, on public transport and in  any unavoidable environments where social distancing was going to be a problem.


The CRV19 Science informs us that, a certain proportion of the population contract the virus show NO symptoms, BUT act as ‘carriers’ shedding  the virus to unsuspecting bystanders who then develop the viral infection.

Scientific evidence from the WHO, and now also from the UK Government, recommends the use of ‘barrier masking’, to reduce contracting such infections, especially in crowded places.

To this end we have sourced the highest quality barrier materials for our masks and snoods. So that BOTH the unsuspecting ‘carrier’ is prevented from spreading the virus to an unsuspecting bystander who is in turn protected by wearing a mask or snood.


Dr David Greensmith

University of Salford

Programme Leader for Human Biology & Infectious diseases; Lecturer in Biomedical Science

David is a Lecturer and Scientist at The University of Salford. He leads a research group with interests in heart disease, anti-cancer drug toxicity and drug development.

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WHEN and WHERE do you NEED to WEAR a FACE MASK or SNOOD in the UK

Whilst wearing the Face Mask or Face Snood it is important that it completely covers the Mouth and Nose for maximum efficiency.


As of the 15th of June, it is MANDATORY to wear a face covering under the following situations :

Public Transport

  • Buses
  • Coaches
  • Trains
  • Ferries
  • Planes

Uber have made face covering mandatory for both passenger and driver.

In Hospitals

  • All Visitors
  • All Outpatient Attendance

Face coverings have become mandatory in more indoor settings in England and Scotland following a recent Spike of Coronavirus cases.

Places where face coverings are mandatory in ENGLAND include:

  • Museums
  • Places of Worship
  • Aquariums
  • Cinemas
  • Funereal Homes.
  • Shops
  • Collecting Take Away Meals

It is ADVISABLE – where social distancing is a challenge through CROWDING, as in

  • Small Shops
  • Supermarkets

– where social distancing may be not be workable due to LIMITED SPACE, as in some working environments

CONSIDER wearing a face covering :

  • if you are a fit male or female of 60 or over
  • when visiting Nursing Care Home residents



It is now mandatory to wear face when using public transport using buses, trains and taxis.


We announce that wearing a face mask covering will by law, be compulsory (with certain exceptions) from the 10th July in SHOPS.

As of 22nd June face coverings are now MANDATORY on all public transport.

The rules include :

  • Taxis
  • Private hire cabs
  • The Glasgow subway
  • The Edinburgh trams
  • Planes
  • Ferries with enclosed areas

Face Coverings where it is mandatory to wear in SCOTLAND include:

  • Shops
  • Museums
  • Places of Worship
  • Cinemas
  • Banks
  • Beauty Salons

Face coverings SHOULD be worn

  • when entering enclosed spaces
  • where physical distancing is more difficult
  • where there is a risk of close contact with multiple people, for example, entering shops or businesses
  • visit to a care home for the elderly
  • visit to adult Outpatients
  • entering GP surgeries or pharmacies



Face coverings are now compulsory in all public enclosed spaces.

To date it is RECOMMENDED to wear a face covering in:

  • Enclosed Public Spaces
  • Shops
  • Public Transport

Some ferry and airline companies require the public to wear face coverings :

Stena Lines requires all passengers (except children under 3, and those with certain disabilities, illnesses or breathing conditions) to wear face coverings from the 15th June 2020.

Face coverings are also required on certain Airline Companies with routes in and out of Northern Ireland such as :

  • Easyjet
  • Ryanair
  • Air Lingus
  • British Airways

All of the information above was last updated 11th August 2020.



In recognition of ALL NHS hospital workers who have given their lives to caring for CRV19 patients and thereby keeping the rest of us safe, ASN Masks have committed a donation of 10% of the profits to Covid-19 Urgent Appeal NHS Charities Together.